Broadcasting Commission

Government of Jamaica 

Submission of Application

Applications must be made on the designated form, which are available from the Commission\'s office.

When an application package is submitted to the Commission, an officer of the Commission, in the presence of the applicant, will go through the package to ensure that all necessary material has been submitted. Applicants will be given a copy of this record and a receipt for their payment of the application fee.

If an application is incomplete, the applicant will be told what information is needed to make it ready for evaluation, and the submission returned.

NB: There is no deadline for submission of completed applications.


The Commission contracts professional expertise to assist with the evaluation of each application. Among these are chartered accountants and auditors, telecommunications experts and media specialists.

The technical, programming, and financial components of an application are analyzed by three committees, each of which is responsible for one of the named areas.

The Commission explains to all applicants that the evaluation timetable is driven entirely by the information that is supplied by the applicant to demonstrate that it has met the requirements of Regulation 4 of the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations.

Once it has all information required by law to satisfy the evaluation prerequisites, the Commission proceeds with the assessment, after which it makes a report to the Minister of Information and Development about whether the applicant has met the legal standards for the grant of a licence.

The Commission extends to all applicants the opportunity to clarify information in their applications.

Award of Licence

The Information Division of the Office of the Prime Minister will communicate directly with applicants on the outcome of their applications, and advise whether the Minister of Information has decided to grant them a licence.


Applicants who have been refused a licence may:

  • First, request a hearing with the Minister of Information
  • If the Minister still does not grant the licence, the applicant may appeal the Minister\\\'s decision to the Appeal Tribunal. This tribunal consists of two Attorneys-at-Law and three other professionals who are competent in broadcasting matters.


To be an innovative regulator that leads and facilitates the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communications sector for the benefit of Jamaica.


Our mission is to ensure a successful national transition to a digital economy, using technological innovation to empower, liberate and encourage new forms of business, social, cultural and media development while protecting the people of Jamaica from potential risks including harmful content.


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